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Working Your Buyers and Investor Buyers Lists Profitably
We destroy our energetic buyers listing into  main businesses: retail or hire to personal customers and investor wholesale customers.In our Active Buyers Checklist we deal with them in very similar ways. We touch them whenever we've a new assets that could be suitable to ship them.fax list For our retail customers and rent to own consumers we would do a blast out to them with every new property that we should retail or offer on a rent to personal. We do our blast typically thru, however sometimes also use voice broadcast. On uncommon occasions in which we take place to recognise a especially nicely qualified client and a assets that might be a good suit, we are able to get at the phone and make a personalized name to them.
For our actual estate investor wholesale buyers we use a comparable method of blasting out the information on the property to them fax list. Like the retail shoppers list we additionally use email and voice broadcast, but due to the fact we often have fax numbers for our wholesale customers as properly fax list.we have also achieved fax blasts successfully occasionally.
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